The Super Metroid Rotation Mod Isn’t Complete, But It Can Be Beaten



Everything changes when you approach a game from a new way. With SMILEuser96’s hack, you don’t have to think outside the box to tackle Super Metroid from a new angle. The modder has been working on a Super Metroid rotation hack since 2014, and a release of it that can actually be beaten is now available.


With SMILEuser96’s Super Metroid hack, the entire game is rotated 90º. Every room is rotated, which took more work than someone would think. The modder had to alter the level design a bit, to make it possible to get through some areas with wall-jumps, altering the landscape and switching block types to ensure people would be able to get around. Underwater physics were modified as well. However, enemy positions and liquid locations were not, to increase the challenge. On the plus side, shot gates are gone, which should help players’ progress.



SMILEuser96 wasn’t alone in this endeavor. A fellow creator called Scyzer made a room rotating tool and horizontal zebetite, Mon732 put together a Wrecked Ship rotated tileset, JAM patched a vertical door issue, and there were plenty of beta testers.



The Super Metroid hack is still in the beta phase. However, it is now a public release and SMILEuser96 says it is possible to beat the game in its current state. The ips patch that will change the game can be found at the Metroid Construction forums and applied with Lunar IPS.

Jenni Lada
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