The Team Behind The Metal Gear Fan Remake Announces Cold Horizon For PC And PS4

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The team that was making Metal Gear Remake (Big Cake Games, previously Outer Heaven Productions) have been working on an original game in the months since cancelling that previous project. Now, they have revealed this game, which is called Cold Horizon.


It’s a side-scrolling exploration adventure takes place in a frozen wasteland and has you playing as two different characters who must help each other out. One of them is a polar bear that was abandoned by its masters at a carnival. The other is a “mysteriously gifted child” that the polar bear protects.


Together, the pair form a friendship, as they face the wastelands’ beasts, a biting temperature, as well as fight off clan members who are after the boy. When the boy’s true purpose is revealed the story moves from survival to a journey that will take them past the cold horizon.



As the bear, you’ll be able to jump, run, crawl, swim and climb to get overcome challenges and solve environmental puzzles. While the boy is able to highlight unseen parts of the world, heal the bear’s injuries, help to solve puzzles, as well as use his gift to subdue wild animals.


Cold Horizon will have hand-drawn animation that bears Scandinavian folk art influences, and is currently being developed in the Unity Engine, with plans to bring it to PC and PlayStation 4. Look out for more updates on Cold Horizon on its Facebook page.

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