The Tragedy Of Early Super Mario Maker Levels




All of these initial Super Mario Maker levels are pretty great, right? I bet they’re the kinds of things you can’t wait to play come September 11, when the game releases on the Wii U. You may have even started bookmarking some YouTube videos and taking down level information, so you can put in these codes and start playing them immediately after the game unlocks. Here’s the thing.


You can’t.


There’s a hidden tragedy behind these Super Mario Maker levels. One people have probably noticed upon stumbling upon the Super Mario Maker (Media) Community on Miiverse may have noticed. The copy of the game people are playing for coverage isn’t exactly the same as the one everyone will have access to next week. It has different servers than the original game, so press can access the online features prior to launch.


This means, unless all of the people who have been playing Super Mario Maker now make meticulous notes, get the game after it launches, and remake all of their levels, ordinary people will never get to see it. Kocobé’s “All the costumes unlocked” troll level won’t be there unless he gets the game, and recreates it.




Which is why you should enjoy as many Super Mario Maker levels as you can now. Savor those YouTube videos. Because once the game actually launches, they’ll be memories. Instead, you’ll be able to use what you’ve seen people with early copies create as inspiration for your own levels and hopefully come up with things that are as cool, if not cooler, than the ideas that appeared prior to the official launch.

Jenni Lada
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