The Version 2.0.0 Dragon Marked For Death Update Lets You Have Two Save Slots And Visit The Black Market


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A Dragon Marked for Death update has come through, bringing the game up to 2.0.0. Not only does this mean the game supports Additional Storyline: The Dragonblood Bandit, the new add-on released on March 28, 2019. It also gives people more options while playing. Most notably, it gives more save spots and access to the Black Market.


The Black Market in Medius’ slums lets you exchange items you have to make and acquire other items. This provides an alternative source to acquire weapons or accessories.


There is also a second save slot now. Previously, you could only have one save game. Now, if you go to New Game or Load Game, it will ask if you want Contract 1 or Contract 2, meaning you could have two of the same characters on one system by using the second slot.


You can see the Dragon Marked for Death update 2.0.0 trailer below.


Here are the full Dragon Marked for Death version 2.0.0 patch notes, as taken from the official website.

【System Changes】

  • A second save slot has been added.
    → After selecting “NEW GAME” or “LOAD GAME” on the title screen, select “CONTRACT 1” or “CONTRACT 2” to begin the game on the chosen save slot.
  • Added the ability to change the player character’s dragon contract.
    → In Atruum’s den, choose “Enter a contract” to offer a piece of Dragonite to alter the character’s dragon contract.
  • The black market in the Medius city slums is now open.
  • When preparing a multiplayer party, players will now be asked for confirmation if a party member leaves after choosing “Depart.”
  • When changing equipment, affected stats will now be displayed blue when increasing and red when decreasing.
  • The timing of videos playing from the title screen has been adjusted to match with the title music.


【Character Changes】

  • The level cap has been raised to 60.
  • The Empress can now enter a Wind contract with the following conditions.
    → Dragon Skills are Wind element.
    → Dragon Shot and Dragon Cannon consume more DP.
    → Dragon Shot and Dragon Cannon trajectory and number of projectiles are changed, increasing attack power.
    ※The above is in comparison to the standard Fire contract.
  • The Warrior can now enter a Thunder contract with the following conditions.
    → Dragon Tackle and Dragon Smash are Thunder element.
    → Dragon Tackle and Dragon Smash start up faster.
    → Dragon Tackle and Dragon Smash are slightly less powerful.
    → Dragon Guard requires more DP to initiate.
    → Berserk consumes less DP.
    → Berserk gives a smaller increase to attack power.
    ※The above is in comparison to the standard Ice contract.
  • The interval between heals in the Warrior’s Dragon Guard has been shortened.
  • The recovery on several of the Warrior’s grounded attacks, such as “Tackle”, can now be canceled.
  • The Warrior’s Dragon Tackle has been changed from an elementless physical attack to an elemental attack based on his dragon contract and PIE.
  • Damage on the Warrior’s Dragon Smash has been increased.
  • Information on the Dragon Tackle has been added to “Control Help” in the menu.
  • The Shinobi can now enter a Fire contract with the following conditions.
    → Dragon Skills are Fire element.
    → Dragon Dash consumes more DP.
    → Dragon Kick and homing shuriken consume more DP and do more damage.
    → Number of homing shuriken thrown at once is reduced.
    → Duration of lock-on is increased.
    → Dragon Dash can only be used airborne once before landing.
    ※The above is in comparison to the standard Poison contract.
  • The Shinobi’s attacks now generate more aggro.
  • Information on the Dragon Kick has been added to “Control Help” in the menu.
  • The Witch can now enter an Ice contract with the following conditions.
    → When using power up on Ice magic, power will be increased by 2 levels.
    → Ice magic will consume less DP in Dragon Surge.
    → Ice magic can be stored for a longer time.
    → Non-Ice magic storage time is reduced.
    → DP gained by hitting enemies with Ice magic is increased.
    ※The above is in comparison to the standard Poison contract.
  • The following changes to Witch will apply when under the default Poison contract.
    → When using power up on Heal magic, power will be increased by 2 levels.
    → Heal magic will consume less DP in Dragon Surge.
    → Heal magic can be stored for a longer time.
    → Non-Heal magic storage time is reduced.
  • HP recovered by the Witch’s Heal spell levels 2 and 3 has been increased.
  • The method by which the Witch’s Heal spell with Condense property heals over intervals has been changed.
    → With this change, overlapping Condense Heal spells will properly stack heals in the overlapping area.
  • The graphic effect of the Witch’s Wind magic has been changed.
  • Information on the Witch’s Owl has been added to “Control Help” in the menu.


【Equipment Changes】

  • Level 51-60 weapons and accessories have been added and can be found in chests in quests in the DLC scenario “The Dragonblood Bandit”.
  • Level 10-48 weapons, accessories, and consumables have been added for trade in the Black Market.
  • The following items have had attributes adjusted:
    Vitality Bracelet+1
    VIT+3 → VIT+4
    Vitality Bracelet +2
    VIT+4 → VIT+8
    Vitality Bracelet +3
    VIT+5 → VIT+15
    Ogre’s Bangle+3
    STR+4 → STR+6
    Ogre’s Bangle+4
    STR+5 → STR+9
    Ogre’s Bangle+5
    STR+6 → STR+12
    Purifying Bracelet
    PIE+1 → PIE+2
    Purifying Bracelet +1
    PIE+2 → PIE+4
    Purifying Bracelet +2
    PIE+3 → PIE+8
    Purifying Bracelet +3
    PIE+4 → PIE+12
    Confidence Bracelet +2
    LUC+6 → LUC+8
    Confidence Bracelet +3
    LUC+8 → LUC+12
    Leather Choker+1
    AGI+2 → AGI+3
    Leather Choker+2
    AGI+3 → AGI+6
    Leather Choker+3
    AGI+4 → AGI+9
    Leather Choker+4
    AGI+5 → AGI+12
    Gemstone Pendant+1
    INT+2 → INT+3
    Gemstone Pendant+2
    INT+3 → INT+5
    Gemstone Pendant+3
    INT+4 → INT+7
    Gemstone Pendant+4
    INT+5 → INT+10
    Heart Earrings
    VIT+1 → VIT+2
    Heart Earrings+1
    VIT+2 → VIT+5
    Heart Earrings+2
    VIT+3 → VIT+8
    Heart Earrings+3
    VIT+4 → VIT+11
    Heart Earrings+4
    VIT+5 → VIT+15
    Steel Bracer
    VIT+1、INT+1 → VIT+3、INT+2、Magic dmg. taken -4%
    Steel Bracer+1
    VIT+2、INT+2 → VIT+6、INT+4、Magic dmg. taken -8%
    Steel Bracer+2
    VIT+4、INT+4 → VIT+9、INT+6、Magic dmg. taken -12%
    Steel Bracer+3
    VIT+8、INT+8 → VIT+12、INT+8、Magic dmg. taken -16%
    Ancient Gauntlet+1
    STR+10、AGI+10、PIE+10、Critical+16 → STR+10、AGI+10、PIE+12、Critical+16
    Leather Belt
    AGI+1、INT+1 → AGI+3、INT+2、+4 Phys. Acc.
    Leather Belt+1
    AGI+2、INT+2 → AGI+6、INT+4、+6 Phys. Acc.
    Leather Belt+2
    AGI+4、INT+4 → AGI+9、INT+6、+8 Phys. Acc.
    Leather Belt+3
    AGI+8、INT+8 → AGI+12、INT+8、+10 Phys. Acc.
    Colorful Belt
    STR+4、VIT+4、Phys. dmg. taken -10% → STR+4、VIT+4、Phys. dmg. taken -10%、Magic dmg. taken -10%
    Colorful Belt+1
    STR+6、VIT+6、Phys. dmg. taken -12% → STR+6、VIT+6、Phys. dmg. taken -12%、Magic dmg. taken -12%
    Colorful Belt+2
    STR+8、VIT+8、Phys. dmg. taken -14% → STR+8、VIT+8、Phys. dmg. taken -14%、Magic dmg. taken -14%
    Colorful Belt+3
    STR+10、VIT+10、Phys. dmg. taken -16% → STR+10、VIT+10、Phys. dmg. taken -16%、Magic dmg. taken -16%
    Living Belt
    STR+6、VIT+6、PIE+6、Phys. dmg. taken -12% → STR+6、VIT+6、PIE+6、Phys. dmg. taken -12%、Magic dmg. taken -12%
    Living Belt+1
    STR+10、VIT+10、PIE+10、Phys. dmg. taken -16% → STR+10、VIT+10、PIE+12、Phys. dmg. taken -16%、Magic dmg. taken -16%
    Critter Companion Pin
    VIT+1、AGI+1 → VIT+3、AGI+2、Phys. dmg. taken -4%
    Critter Companion Pin+1
    VIT+2、AGI+2 → VIT+6、AGI+4、Phys. dmg. taken -8%
    Critter Companion Pin+2
    VIT+4、AGI+4 → VIT+9、AGI+6、Phys. dmg. taken -12%
    Critter Companion Pin+3
    VIT+8、AGI+8 → VIT+12、AGI+8、Phys. dmg. taken -16%
    Mage’s Pin+1
    INT+10、LUC+10、PIE+10、+10 Mag. Acc.→ INT+10、LUC+10、PIE+12、+10 Mag. Acc.

【Enemy Changes】

  • Enemies now drop items that can be traded at the Black Market.
  • The attack range of the Bombud’s poison cloud has been adjusted.
  • The color of the enemy Skulleton has been adjusted to increase visibility.

【Quest Changes】

  • DLC Scenario “The Dragonblood Bandit” is now available
    → For players who have purchased the additional quest DLC, new quests are available from the NPC Lacel in the Medius slums: Level 20 quest “Eastern Treasures” and Level 35 quest “Infernal Labyrinth.”
  • For every quest with “Kill them all!” enemy rush areas, a marker will be displayed indicating where enemies are about to appear.
  • The time limit has been increased for quests after the first clear.
  • The time limit for the quest “The Ogre Fort” has been adjusted.
  • When destroying pots, the contents and appearance rate of the contents have been adjusted.
  • The movement speed of escort targets has been increased.
  • Asura Bats appearing in the “Kill them all!” area on the quest “Calamity’s Portent” have been made larger.
  • Some terrain on the maps “Muramasa Castle” and “Asura’s Gate” has been changed.

【Bug Fixes】


  • Fixed an issue where quest progress was not properly deleted when deleting a character in the inn.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when casting Ice magic.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the boss Equus used an ice attack.
  • Fixed an issue that caused “Resist instant death” to activate on 26% HP and up instead of 25% HP and up.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the small spiders released by the Void Spider enemy to generate DP when self-destructing.
  • Fixed an issue with terrain collision when interacting with switches and other objects.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to clip through the terrain on the quest “Brother and Sister”.
  • Fixed an issue on the quest “Lost in White” during the “Kill them all!” area that caused the Shockfish enemy to die instantly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the boss “Asura Goblin” on the quest “Calamity’s Portent” to have an inappropriate level.
  • Fixed an issue on the quest “Aim for High Heaven” that caused the player character’s landing noise to play during the ending cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the boss Asura Goblin not to drop a treasure chest.
  • Fixed an error in aggro generation for Asura and Deva enemies on player Dragon Skills.
  • Fixed an issue causing sync errors in multiplayer when fighting the boss “Twin Dragon”.
  • Fixed an error with displaying the text “Deva” in-game.
  • Other sound, visual, and behavior issues have also been fixed.

【Known Issues】


  • When playing the quest “Werewolf Hunting” in multiplayer, the boss can become transparent.
  • When playing the quest “Werewolf Hunting” in multiplayer, boss effects can remain stuck on screen.
  • The VIT on the accessory “Steel Bracer” should be +5 instead of +3.
  • We are currently preparing a patch to address these issues. We will announced the date it will be available as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Dragon Marked for Death is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch.

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