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The Void Chases Painting Platformer Nihilumbra On To PS Vita



Beautifun Games is bringing its PC and iOS puzzle platformer Nihilumbra to PlayStation Vita on January 27th in the US. Europe gets it on January 28th. The Japanese PlayStation Store will get it at a later date. It’ll cost $9.99  and €8.99 in the respective stores.


It has you playing as a being made of black ooze called Born that has escaped from The Void and wishes to keep itself separate from this all-consuming substance. To do so, Born needs to traverse dark snowy forests, industrial facilities, and barren ash desert as The Void gives chase.


This involves not only dodging creatures of The Void, but using five different colors of paint to help Born navigate the hostile environments. Think of these paints like the gels in Portal 2 as they affect how a surface can be used. Blue paint is slippy, green is bouncy, and brown is sticky, for example. You need to experiment with all of these in order to solve the puzzles before The Void arrives.


The PS Vita version of Nihilumbra uses the touchscreen to let you paint the world while moving Born is managed using the d-pad. You can find out more about Nihilumbra on its website.

Chris Priestman