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The Wii U Is Getting An M-Rated Online Cel-Shaded Shooter



Five-person team NAMI TENTOU MUSHI’s first game was the Wii U eShop puzzler PING 1.5+. Now the team has switched course as its second Wii U game is to be a cel-shaded online shooter.


It’s known only as #SECRETPROJECT for now but the first details were obtained by Nintendo Enthusiast. It’s a first-person shooter that’s being made with 16-player online battles in mind. It’ll also support local multiplayer for up to five players at once.


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As to it’s style, it’s said that it will be purposely over-the-top and will feature several “zany” items that can completely change matches when used (the bug in the image above is presumably one of those). The team is adamant that it will be rated M for violence and language.


However, it seems that the aim is for the game to be more stylish than gross in its violence as the visuals are inspired by the cel-shaded art in Suda51’s games. You can get a look at how its environments will look in the teaser trailer above. It seems that the predominant visual style will be black-and-white with touches of red – presumably to highlight bloodshed.


Other details include a roster of eight characters that have their own trains and weapon sets. And there’s to be a grid-based editor that will allow you to create your own levels.

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