The Witch’s House MV Is At Its Best When It Comes To The Details

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The Witch’s House MV has been released, giving people a fresh look at what was originally an iconic freeware horror game made with RPG Maker. While the main story remains the same, there are a lot of new details here that really make the game stand out again and feel fresh. Whether people know Viola’s story or not, the attention in this horror game can really make it stand out.


Some of the earliest details are the way the witch’s house changes as you go through The Witch’s House MV. Things are constantly changing as Viola explores the house, heads for the witch’s room, and solves puzzles. To avoid too many spoilers, let’s start with some first floor details. When you walk through the initial hallway, with the two vases, the flowers will fall off of the right pedestal. A gift will fall from the stack of gifts in the first room with a desk. Once you get both bears in the basket, you’ll see the basket move behind you. Bloody handprints appear on walls. These little details keep appearing.


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Witch diary entries are another way The Witch’s House MV fleshes things out. When the game begins, things seem a little uncertain. The house is clearly haunted and there is a hint of something malicious going on. After all, roses are keeping you from leaving the forest. But people don’t know exactly how bad things are and what is happening until you start seeing each of these entries. They are designed to evoke certain sorts of emotions and do a good job of building tension as you go through the different floors and nearer to the witch.


Part of this also involves the care that goes into getting The Witch’s House MV’s true ending. If someone pays attention to the small cabinet in the room in the upper right of the first floor, there is a note that says to check there when the house returns to normal. If you are careful and able to go check it during the final moments, you can get an item that will alter the ending you see. Doing so unlocks a whole new difficult level, Extra.


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Extra, by the way, is unique to The Witch’s House MV. The original game did not offer this extra mode, which unlocks after earning that aforementioned ending. This mode has more enemy encounters, with more otherworldly creatures willing to try and kill Viola. For example, in the standard mode, the Chef is only a danger if you make the wrong choice when it comes to offering a hand. In the Extra mode, let’s just say you should be ready to run after you make the correct choice. Existing puzzles are more involved, new puzzles are present, and it just requires a bit more effort. (Turning dash on so it is the default is recommended.)


The Witch’s House MV is a game that pays tributes to its original roots by taking the same story that did so well, even inspiring a prequel novel and manga, and enhancing it. The improved production values really call attention to the subtle scares leading up to the more striking moments and major revelations. The diary entries and true ending offer insight into the characters. Then, if you get Extra unlocked, you get an even more tricky and detailed runthrough. A lot of care is there in this horror game.


The Witch’s House MV is available for the PC.

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