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The Wonderful 101 Allows For Auto Combos, Like Bayonetta And Devil May Cry


In Bayonetta, PlatinumGames provided players with a wide range of difficulty options—five in total, ranging from “Very Easy” to “Non-Stop Infinity Climax”. On the Very Easy and Easy modes, the game allowed players to perform combos automatically, with the press of a single button (you can view a demonstration of this here).


Bayonetta isn’t the only game with an auto-combo option for players that aren’t adept at action games. The original Devil May Cry, directed by Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya, had an automatic combo option available to the player, too. Kamiya’s latest game, The Wonderful 101, provides this option as well.

On the game’s blog, PlatinumGames reveal that The Wonderful 101 has three difficulty options (at least, at the start—perhaps more get unlocked later?). While “Normal” will provide a challenge, “Easy” and “Very Easy” allow you to dish out combos automatically with the press of a button.


Over and above this, regardless of what difficulty you chose, the game will allow you to respawn exactly where you died, and will retain all damage you’ve done to a boss before your death as well.


The Wonderful 101 will be available on August 23rd in Europe and on September 15th in North America for the Wii U. A demo is available for download via the Nintendo eShop now.


Ishaan Sahdev
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