The World Ends With You Anime Will Launch Worldwide in 2021

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When the Anime Expo 2020 key art was revealed, it involved characters from The World Ends with You posed with the event’s original characters. We later learned this was because Square Enix intended to reveal a The World Ends with You: The Animation series at the event. Now, the countdown at its site has ended and the panel has appeared. A TWEWY anime series will have a 2021 worldwide launch. Square Enix staff from the game will be involved with the project, including the original Japanese cast voice actors.

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At the panel, the game’s producer Tomohiko Hirano, director Tatsuya Kando, character designer Gen Kobayashi, and composer Takeharu Ishimoto all appeared and confirmed they are involved. (Kazuya Ichikawa will be the director.) Hirano noted they always hoped a TWEWY anime would appear even while first developing the game. Kando also said they had hardware, memory, and budget restrictions at the time and wanted to put anime into the game, but couldn’t. Kobayashi said it was two years since he had drawn TWEWY art, before the Anime Expo 2020 key art was designed.

Ishimoto also said he’s completed 90% of the music for the project and is working on it for the anime, just as he did for the game. He also said he wanted to do something new this time for the anime when talking about the song that played during the beginning of the reveal panel.

Here are the voice actors who are confirmed to return for the anime adaptation:

  • Neku will be voiced by Kouki Uchiyama
  • Shiki will be voiced by Anna Hachimine
  • Joshua will be voiced by Ryohei Kimura
  • Beat will be voiced by Subaru Kimura
  • Rhyme will be voiced by Ayana Taketatsu

An official teaser was shared.

The World Ends with You game is available on the Nintendo DS and mobile devices. The World Ends with You: Final Mix is available for the Nintendo Switch. The TWEWY anime will air in 2021.

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