The latest round of downloadable tracks for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is available in North America today, and among them is a song from Xenogears. Here’s the list of DLC tracks for today:


Battle Music Sequence (BMS)

  • “Opening – Bombing Mission -” (Final Fantasy VII)
  • “Primal Judgment” (Final Fantasy XIV)
  • “Soaring” (Xenogears)
  • “Last Battle –T260G-” (SaGa Frontier)
  • “Sacrifice Part Three” (Seiken Densetsu 3)


Field Music Sequence (FMS)

  • “In Search of the Sword of Mana” (Final Fantasy Adventure)


Each track costs $0.99 and was released in Japan a few days ago. You can view the Japanese trailer for these songs above.


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