There Will Be More To Come For The Senran Kagura Series In 2016


Senran Kagura Estival Versus

In the latter half of 2015 we’ve heard more about titles such as Valkyrie Drive and Uppers from Marvelous Producer Kenichiro Takaki, but he recently mentioned in an interview with 4Gamer that we’ll get more Senran Kagura in 2016.


“I believe that 2016 will be a year that we’ll see even bigger changes than we did this year. I’d like for our team to become one and continue making fun games in this era, with tenderness and our unchanging love for boobs and games,” said Takaki.


He continued, “next year we’re starting with our beat ‘em up-type stud action game Uppers, and also look forward to new information on the Senran Kagura series! Thank you for everything this year, and your continued support next year as well.”

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