There Won’t Be an Amnesia Rebirth Mac Version

amnesia rebirth mac

Frictional Games’ latest won’t appear on a certain sort of PCs. The company took to its official site to confirm the Amnesia Rebirth Mac version won’t be happening. This is because the in-house engine it uses won’t work. It also means that SOMA won’t be completely MAC compatible going forward.

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To help be transparent about the issue, Frictional explained exatcly why Amnesia Rebirth wouldn’t work on a Mac. Essentially, both visual and audio issues would occur due to compatibility problems in both Mojave and Big Sur. Here are the exact details.

We wanted to share some more details about the problem with you here:

  • OpenGL was deprecated in macOS 10.14 (Mojave). Newer macOS can still run OpenGL games but there are no tools to help development. If a graphics related bug occurs we are blind and have to guess what’s going on, which increases the workload per bug to extreme levels.
  • Changes to the audio drivers in macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) has caused our sound engine to stop working. We have been in discussion with our third party partner and they have no plans on updating the sound engine to support the latest macOS. This means we would have to change to a different sound engine, meaning a complete reimplementation of all sound effects without even knowing that we could reach the same quality.

Amnesia Rebirth is available on both Windows and Linux PCs, as well as the PlayStation 4.

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