Wii U

There’s Some 10,000 Anime Episodes For Wii U Streaming In Japan


Love Gundam or any of the other series that Bandai have put out in the past? Have a Japanese Wii U? Then you might be interested to know that in Japan, there’s actually a Wii U Bandai Channel. If you download and add the channel to your list, free viewers get to check out around 500 different anime series’ first episodes for free an unlimited number of times.

If you do cough up some cash for a monthly Bandai Namco ID, though, you’ll gain access to almost the entire backlog of some 580 different shows such as Sgt Frog, the Gundam series, and more. The monthly cost is just 1050 yen (about $11) and that will give you over 10,000 episodes to watch. Note that to get your ID and sign up for the monthly account you’ll need to use a PC or smart phone.



Since the channel’s on the Wii U, this means you can watch it on the big screen TV while using the WIi U’s gigantic controller touchscreen to scroll through other shows or view other pertinent information. With such a vast array of shows in the library, you’ll also be able to scroll through them using their main poster shot or via searching, including using keywords.