One Piece” Unlimited Cruise SP will sail to Japan ten days from now on May 26th, and developer Ganbarion — if that name sounds familiar, it’s because they’re also developing Pandora’s Tower — have uploaded a small batch of 3D screenshots for folks to view on their 3DSes.


You can grab the .zip file at this link. Once you’ve unzipped its contents, copy the “100NBGI0” folder into the “DCIM” folder on whatever SD card you use for your Nintendo 3DS. Put the card into your 3DS, and you should be able to view the screenshots from the camera app.


Something to note: the last screenshot with Luffy may look very disorienting at first. Focus your eyes on Luffy and try to ignore the big “HIT!” sign in the foreground; that should help put the 3D image into focus.


Hopefully more developers begin to release 3D screenshots for Nintendo 3DS games in the future, either over the Internet or on the 3DS online service, once its up.


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