These Pokemon Dolls Hug You in Your Chair


A Hug You series of Pokemon dolls will appear in the Pokemon Center from January 28, 2023. These plushes act as an upper back cushion, and their long arms will dangle over your shoulders. This gives off the impressing that you are sitting in your Pokemon’s lap, or that they are hugging you from behind. These are only available in the Japanese Pokemon Center store.

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While the Hug You Pokemon dolls will appear in physical locations from January 28, 2023, online shoppers can get them early. They will be in the online shop from January 26, 2023. There are four variations of Pokemon that you can have embracing you. You can choose Deoxys (Defense Form), Zangoose, Bewear, and Zeraora. All of them cost 7150 JPY each, which is around $55.65.

Though the Pokemon Center does not offer international shipping, it does have an Amazon store. So through Amazon, it may be possible for overseas customers to purchase the Hug You Pokemon dolls. None of these Pokemon are ones new to Generation IX (Scarlet and Violet). In fact, the only Pokemon that you can get in Paldea so far is Zangoose.

The Hug You Pokemon dolls will appear online from January 26, 2023. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the latest entry in the Pokemon series, is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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