These Two Generals From Battle Princess of Arcadia Love Women

In Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming action-RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadia, you control Plume, the Battle Princess of the kingdom of Schwert. Along with Plume, the kingdom is protected by five armies, plus two intelligence gathering teams led by the characters introduced below.

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Marianne is the leader of Schwert’s intelligence gathering team responsible for inspecting outside the kingdom’s borders. She is bold, intelligent, and skilled in combat. However, she hates men, like King Sygt, and loves women, like Plume, whom she affectionately calls her “Petit Princess”.

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In battle, Marianne fights with a gun and bayonet, allowing her to execute swift close-range combos and fire magic bullets for long-range combat. Her ultimate attack is Lapin Reine, in which she unleashes a series of shock waves, destroying everything in her path.

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Dice is the leader of the intelligence gathering team within the kingdom’s borders. He is a polite and diligent officer, but like Marianne, he loves women and sometimes makes flippant remarks (i.e., sexual harassment).

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In the southeast corner of the kingdom of Schwert is a freezing cave. Long ago, this cave was occupied a humans who built a large city, which now lies deserted and frozen, occupied only by monsters, including one of the giant boss monsters. Taking the form of an enormous crab, it can deal heavy damage with a single snip of its claws. To defeat this ancient monster, not only do you need to level up, but you must strengthen your weapons and bond with your allies.

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Battle Princess of Arcadia is scheduled to be released on September 26 for the PlayStation 3.

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