This 30th Anniversary Kirby Light is Palm-Sized


In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Kirby series, Takarajima will release a room light and a plush pouch. You will be able to purchase them from stores such as Lawson and HMV starting April 25, 2022. Both of these items are limited for the 30th anniversary and will come as bonuses with the Kirby 30th Anniversary book. [Thanks, Denfaminicogamer!]

The room light looks like Kirby lying down on his stomach. It is made of PVC, and the light inside is LED, which keeps it from becoming too hot. There are three adjustable levels for how bright the light is. It is around 8.8 centimeters tall and 11.5 centimeters wide, which means that it can fit in the palm of your hand.

As for the pouch, it is a keychain that looks like Kirby waving a hand. The zipper for you to put things in him is on his back. Considering that it is around the same size as the light (8.8 x 15 x 11 cm), it may be suitable for small items such as keys or change. The bottom of the Kirby pouch’s foot and the Kirby light’s stomach have the 30th anniversary logo on them.

These items are bonuses when you purchase the anniversary book. The book introduces 30 variations of Kirby over the years. It will also show off other characters such as Meta Knight and King Dedede. The book with the light will cost 2948 JPY (around $22.95) and the book with the pouch will cost 2288 JPY ($17.80).

The Kirby 30th anniversary book and items will come out on April 25, 2022. Other Kirby collaborations for the 30th anniversary include one with Craft Boss and one with U-Treasure.

Stephanie Liu
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