This 3DS RPG Has Dogs With Lasers, Mammoth-Shaped Tanks And Other Insanity

Kadokawa Games has shared more details regarding upcoming insane vehicular RPG Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva  leading up to its release on November 7.

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Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva is a completely crazy post-apocalyptic role-playing game that takes place 50 years past the Great Destruction. In this world of deserts and wastelands, strange changes have wracked the world and turned it upside down, with animals gaining sentience or even odder things, such as the Tokyo Tower look-a-like gaining plant-like behaviors and bending itself over to reach for a nearby lake.


Hinata, Gib and Sasha live on Concrete Island till the mysterious Gomodo appears and kidnaps Gib. In response, to save their pal, Sasha transforms into her true form… a motorbike. If you want to see that happening, check out the previous trailer. For the Nintendo 3DS, the game has made the jump to a 3D engine but will keep its off-the-wall comedy posts, including the option to purposefully ask lame questions to non-player characters for comedic effect.


Additional characters can be recruited, including hunters, nurses and other classes. Almost all will have their own vehicles to drive, including the adorable doggy and his tanktread tagalong, missile-firing semi-tank. Much of the game seems to be open-world concepts, including the ability to hunt down Wanted monsters, bandits and other sorts of stranger foes.



The most amazing bit is purchasing and combining gun parts. Yes, you did see an egg, a spring onion and yakiniku barbequed meat transform into an actual cannon capable of being fitted on vehicles. And what vehicles! If the T-Rex wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, why not a wooly mammoth with a power drill stuck on its snout?



It seems there will be two completely separate skills to level. On one hand, players can travel the world purchasing new vehicle frame types to use in combat, upgrading their engines, armament and so forth with flat cash and the right items. Characters themselves however will also have their own levelling system. In the video, players will be able to rank up their skills, making, for instance, Hinata’s Buster Point skill gain additional fire effects.

metalmax4skill metalmax4skillup


In the video, you can also check out how the game will incorporate both on-foot and in-vehicle fighting against all sorts of badass monsters – ranging from War of the Worlds tripod aliens to kungfu/punk/wrestling/ballerina pandas. Really. Fights can be pretty huge too, with area-of-effect skills from previously unveiled classes such as the Martial Artists needed to help whirlwind kick Chun-Li style enemies into oblivion or Rider’s own Wind Slash techniques.


If you think the customizability of the game leaves it ripe for DLC, you’d be right. Players who pick up the limited edition will get their moneys worth, with almost 3,000 yen ($30) worth of content that includes costumes from previous games and additional Wanted monsters.


Metal Max 4: Monlight Diva will be out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, November 11.


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