This Abandoned Harvest Moon Game Could Have Been Really Sweet

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French game studio DeValley Entertainment has revealed an abandoned Harvest Moon game for mobile platforms that it was asked to mock up for publisher Marvelous Interactive.


“By the past a publisher came to us seeking to adapt the Harvest Moon series (Marvelous Interactive) on mobile phones. So here’s the proposal we made,” the studio wrote on its Facebook page, pointing to the image that you can see above.


The four mock-up images showcase everything you’d expect from a Harvest Moon game including managing livestock, growing crops, digging with a spade, and outfitting your home. You can also see mock-ups of various characters and animals at the bottom.


DeValley’s reveal was only part of a string of abandoned mobile game projects that the studio revealed on its Facebook page at the end of 2014. Also of note is a game called Starwalker that the studio says was inspired by the Metroid series. You can see the images of that one below.




Another one was called Vagrant Engine, which was to be an infiltration game in the style of Metal Gear Solid. However, when DeValley proposed Vagrant Engine to its publisher, it was turned down in favor of a game adaptation of the animated TV series Rambo On Fire. You can see images of Vagrant Engine below with some from Rambo On Fire just underneath them.



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