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This Gun In Splatoon Is Capable Of One-Shotting Enemies


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Following the Splashooter and the .52, Nintendo recently showed off another weapon that will be available for use in Splatoon. This time, we’re looking at the “Hot Blaster,” a gun looks like it’s launching fireworks when you shoot.


The special ink bullets fired by the Hot Blaster cause a small explosion, and because it’s an area-of-effect attack, you can use it to take out opponents that are hiding behind cover. Nintendo say that the way you approach enemies is an important part of learning to use the weapon.


A video of the Hot Blaster in action be viewed above. Nintendo say a direct hit from the weapon appears to be capable of one-shotting an opponent.



Meanwhile, another weapon called the “Splacharger” can be seen in action in the video above. This weapon is capable of firing powerful long-range shots. The Splacharger uses charged shots by compressing the ink within its tank, so charging these shots up takes a moment, so learning the timing is important.


Splatoon will be released this May. This week, Nintendo also announced two of the game’s online modes: Turf War (the main online mode) and Ranked Battle (where the game keeps track of your online ranking).

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