This Interrogation Simulator Is Basically Papers, Please Set In A Futuristic Sci-Fi City

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Following up its announcement and teaser earlier this year, Nightmarea Games has released a full trailer for its upcoming interrogation simulator Between The City and The Needle.


This new trailer shows how you’ll interrogate people in the game as you try to sort the aliens in incognito from the genuine humans. The idea is to have a conversation with 40 people to decide if they can be released safely back into society or to execute them as you believe them to be a dangerous alien.


You’re able to combine conversation topics with different approaches to asking the question such as intimidation, accusation, sympathy, or pacifist. You’ll also need to use the details provided about each individual’s background to pry for holes in their story.


Beyond that, you’re also able to find out more about the facility you’re based at, working for a company called Honest Minds. You can message other employees, look into encrypted files, and hack into computer systems. Depending on what you do determines which of nine endings you’ll get.

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