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This Is Mega Man Legends 3’s Final Reaverbot Design


    Up above is what the final user-submitted Reaverbot design, titled “Calamity,” in Mega Man Legends 3 looks like. Below is what the user whose design was chosen had originally submitted:


    Capcom weren’t sure what was going on behind the cloud-ring, so art director, Ishihara, got in touch with the fan who sent the design in and asked if he could provide them with a more detailed blueprint of his Reaverbot. Once he did, they modified the original design to create the final concept.


    Calamity can shoot lightning that tracks the player. Capcom compare it to the White Fatalis’ lightning attack from Monster Hunter. In order to defeat Calamity, you have to destroy the lower head on the underside of its body. Capcom also point out that the name “Calamity” might ultimately be changed for the final game, as Reaverbots tend to have made-up words for names.

    Ishaan Sahdev
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