Known best for being a print publisher, Kadokawa gave us quite the surprise when they expanded into games and suddenly started to announce titles like Earth Seeker and Prope’s Rodea the Sky Soldier. This week, they released a series of new commercials and a trailer for Earth Seeker.


Earth Seeker takes place in the future, when all of humankind has left the Earth behind after a black hole threatens to swallow the planet. Humans depart the Earth on giant ships along with some of the world’s most famous artistic creations and begin to search for another hospitable planet.


One of these ships crash-lands onto a planet, killing everyone on board. The computer malfunctions, causing the ship to create monsters with its technology. Earth Seeker is about hunting down and fighting these monsters. Interestingly, the character you play as is also created by the ship’s computer.


Developed by Crafts & Meister for the Wii, Earth Seeker has a realtime battle system, but you can stop time to input commands. Kadokawa Games have the game slated for release in April.


No publisher has announced an overseas localization at this point in time, but we do know that Kadokawa have their eye on the overseas audience, thanks to U.S. trademarks filed for Rodea and Lollipop Chainsaw.


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