This Throwback To Streets Of Rage Is Almost Too Close To Its Inspiration


You’d think that working on The 90s Arcade Racer would be enough for Antonis Pelekanos, but he’s got a side project that he’s been developer over the years called The TakeOver.


The TakeOver is a throwback to side-scrolling beat ‘em ups of the 90s and is therefore styled after Streets of Rage and Final Fight. In fact, it resembles those games so much that Pelekanos has had to address this matter in the face of the game being called a clone.


He says his plan was for The TakeOver to be “instantly recognizable” in order to gain interest from people who enjoyed beat ‘em ups in the 90s. He reasons that this was a way to ensure developing it isn’t a waste of time and people would actually want to play it.


Later stages that haven’t been created yet will apparently deviate a lot more into original territory and Pelekanos will be looking for input from the community. That out the way, The TakeOver will have a single player and two-player co-op mode. There will also be four playable characters, seven stages, and two game modes to beat: arcade and survival.

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You can download a PC demo of The TakeOver right here and also vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman