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This VR Game Is Basically Pokémon Snap But With Dinosaurs



Time Machine is the next game on its way from Papo & Yo studio Minority Media. It’s made specifically for virtual reality and involves assembling the most comprehensive record of Earth’s prehistory ever.


It starts with you inside a futuristic museum located in space called Monda Muzeo (or: World Museum). You’re a new recruit and when arriving you discover that this museum has the technology capable of transporting a human back through time.


As you’ll see in Time Machine’s E3 trailer above, you are warped backed the Jurassic era, and it’s there that your on-rails first-person adventure starts. The idea is to look at dinosaurs inside the virtual reality headset and collect bio data from them. Yep, Time Machine is essentially Pokémon Snap crossed with Jurassic Park.


Minority Media hints at a disaster happening while using the time machine when asking “but can you truly touch the fabric of time without tearing it?” We’ll find out when Time Machine arrives exclusively on virtual reality machines soon.

Chris Priestman