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This Week In Imports: Return To The Taisho Era With Project Sakura Wars


The long-awaited Project Sakura Wars is finally releasing this week on PlayStation 4. While the mecha battles have shifted genre from strategy to action combat, the same core gameplay of interacting and getting to know the other Floral Division members remain the same, even with a new cast. Just what awaits Kamiyama, Sakura, and the Floral Division? Find out next time!

In fact, samurai are also back in season, as Samurai Shodown releases on Nintendo Switch this week as well. The game will be 60FPS, support split Joy-Con multiplayer, and also will receive the extra DLC characters as well. The game’s first-print copies come with a digital port of Samurai Shodown! 2 from Neo Geo Pocket.

Finally, some smaller games – Ninja JaJaMaru Collection brings a set of prior titles alongside a completely new game; Genso Skydrift brings together Touhou characters for a round of “kart” racing; and Mochi A Girl lets you play through speedy wire action courses.

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Here are this week’s JP releases below:

Nintendo Switch

Samurai Shodown (+ eShop version)

Ninja JaJaMaru Collection (+ eShop version)

BQM -Blockquest Maker- Complete Edition (+ eShop version)

Resident Evil: Revelations Collection Best Price


eShop Only (Switch)

Princess Maker Go! Go! Princess

Mochi A Girl

Genso Skydrift


PlayStation 4

Project Sakura Wars (+ PS Store version)

BQM -Blockquest Maker- Complete Edition (+ PS Store version)

Devil May Cry V Best Price

Biohazard RE 2: Z Version Best Price


Key European Releases

Gensou Skydrift


Key Domestic Releases

Gensou Skydrift

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