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This Week In Imports: Yo-kai Academy Y Begins Its Lesson

Yo-kai Academy Y

This week marks the release of Yo-kai Academy Y, the latest game in the overall Yo-kai Watch franchise, and a spinoff game based on the ongoing anime, which is in itself a spinoff under the new Yo-kai Watch Jam label. The game will have you take the helm as one of several students who study at the eponymous Yo-kai Academy, who can transform into Yo-kai Heroes based on spirits in the mainline games. While the game is primarily a beat ’em up with flashy special moves, there’s also a huge focus on letting players experience a student’s life at the academy, including by taking classes, joining clubs, and even surprising events liked being asked out by one of the other students.

Yo-kai Academy Y is a funny case, because the game will be releasing mainly digital at first. The game is also subject to add a whole lot of features post-launch, including a multiplayer mode. You can check out the game’s trailer here, as well as more gameplay and the main theme in our previous post here.

The following are this week’s Japanese imports.

eShop Only (Switch)

Yo-kai Academy Y

  • Yo-kai Academy Y DX Entry Set

Arcade Archives Super Punch-Out!


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