The week of January 10th – January 16th saw Monster Hunter Portable 3rd removed from its #1 spot on the charts after more than a month…by Another Century’s Episode Portable. Namco’s mech game moved 70,000 units, narrowly beating out Portable 3rd’s sales for the week.


For those watching the Pokémon vs. Monster Hunter duel, an interesting point to note is that Portable 3rd’s 7th week sales are nearly identical to Pokémon Black/White’s. However, Black/White debuted at much higher numbers in their first week, so they’re still ahead by a million units.


Arcana Heart 3 (PS3) released the same week as well, and managed to move 17,000 units, debuting at #6 on the chart. The only other new release that made it into the top-20 was Mass Effect 2, published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 at #15.


The rest of the chart shows long-tailed sellers like Nintendo’s line of older games tapering off gradually as the holiday effect continues to wear off. New releases such as Donkey Kong Country Returns, however, are still going relatively strong in comparison.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


LwTwTitleWeekly SalesTotal SalesSys.Publisher
New01.Another Century’s Episode Portable70,217NewPSPNamco Bandai
01.02.Monster Hunter Portable 3rd68,2744,051,743PSPCapcom
05.03.Donkey Kong Country Returns29,412734,268WiiNintendo
06.04.Ni no Kuni: The Jet-Black Sorcerer19,020438,544DSLevel 5
14.05.AKB 1/48 Fall In Love With An Idol18,616339,178PSPNamco Bandai
New06.Arcana Heart 317,219NewPS3Arc System Works
03.07.Wii Party15,9861,746,021WiiNintendo
04.08.Pokémon Black/White15,5425,027,870DSNintendo
07.09.Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 312,804331,682PS3Namco Bandai
05.10.Mario Sports Mix12,173546,234WiiNintendo
09.11.The 3rd Birthday10,572223,433PSPSquare Enix
16.12.Magician’s Quest: The Merchant’s Store of Sorcery10,211307,117DSKonami
08.13.SaGa 3: Ruler of Space-Time – Shadow or Light9,77237,116DSSquare Enix
07.14.Wii Fit Plus9,2752,232,218WiiNintendo
New15.Mass Effect 28,864New360Microsoft
12.16.Mario Kart Wii8,5113,139,306WiiNintendo
10.17.New Super Mario Bros. Wii8,1144,210,586WiiNintendo
11.18.Wii Sports Resort (w/ MotionPlus)8,053254,827WiiNintendo
27.19.Pro Evolution Soccer 20117,764138,846PSPKonami
29.20.Call of Duty: Black Ops (dubbed version)7,58665,104PS3Square Enix


Sales data sourced from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

Ishaan Sahdev
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