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This Week In Sales: Lego Worlds Builds Its Way Into The Japanese Software Charts


Period: The week of April 3rd –  April 9th (2017)

Top-seller: Monster Hunter XX – 65,672 (3DS)

Nintendo Switch: 41,193(Last week – 45,509)

Nintendo 2DS: 4,629 (6,240)

New Nintendo 3DS sales: 1,523 (1,995)

New Nintendo 3DS LL sales: 19,533 (25,719)

Wii U sales: 358 (449)

PlayStation 4 sales: 18,033 (25,006)

PlayStation 4 Pro: 6,490 (5,051)

PlayStation 3 sales: 704 (1,724)

PlayStation Vita sales: 5,987 (7,780)

Xbox One sales: 132 (187)

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Last week, Japan had a bit of a slow week as far as video game software releases go with Lego Worlds and Kawaii Pet to Kurasou! as its only two releases. Here’s the latest from Japanese sales tracker Media Create with a look at software and hardware sales data from the week of April 3 through April 9, 2017.


Top of the chart this week is Monster Hunter XX again with 65,672 units sold in the week. This is followed by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which climbed from #5 to #2 with 23,016 copies sold on Nintendo Switch. Mario Sports Superstars didn’t perform that well in its opening week last week after selling through only 40% of its initial shipment, however, its 18,765 copies sold was enough to help it grab #3.


The Japanese can’t seem to get enough of their 1-2-Switch, as it saw 12,418 copies sold to take #4 in the chart. At #5 we have Lego Worlds’ Japanese PS4 release with a debut of 11,578 units sold. Considering that builder-type games have been pretty popular in Japan lately, those are pretty low numbers, but keep in mind that the Lego games aren’t exactly big sellers there either, but time will tell how it continues to sell. I don’t think many people expected Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition to perform as well as it did, so there’s that.


The last new title, which barely charted at #20 with 3,631 units sold, is Nihon Colombia’s Kawaii Pet to Kurasou! Wan-Nyan & Mini-Mini Animal for 3DS, a game that lets you take care of all kinds of different pets ranging from cats and dogs to hedgehogs, chipmunks, ferrets, and rabbits.


As far as hardware sales go, the Nintendo Switch sold 41,193 units, putting it at 605,205 units sold to date in Japan going by Media Create’s numbers. We saw an overall decline in the 3DS family and others, but a little bump for the PS4 Pro and PS Vita.


The top-20 chart for the week is as follows:

LwTwTitleWeekly SalesTotal SalesSysPublisher
01.01.Monster Hunter XX65,6721,322,1523DSCapcom
05.02.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild23,016354,404SwitchNintendo
04.03.Mario Sports Superstars18,76551,1813DSNintendo
New05.Lego Worlds11,578NewPS4Warner Bros.
02.06.Warriors All-Stars8,57748,946PS4Koei Tecmo
10.07.Ghost Recon: Wildlands7,907153,406PS4Ubisoft
12.08.Pokémon Sun & Moon6,9723,236,8263DSPokémon Company
11.09.NieR: Automata6,593294,694PS4Square Enix
14.10.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild6,48795,806Wii UNintendo
03.11.Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Dancing in Illusion6,10040,691PS4Koei Tecmo
13.12.Horizon Zero Dawn6,018196,661PS4SIE
15.13.Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS5,7171,015,1103DSNintendo
06.14.Warriors All-Stars4,52722,393PSVKoei Tecmo
22.15.Super Bomberman R4,23366,617SwitchKonami
16.16.Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix4,21898,725PS4Square Enix
20.17.Grand Theft Auto V4,094318,014PS4TakeTwo
21.18.Animal Crossing: New Leaf –Welcome amiibo4,017159,1503DSNintendo
2919.Minecraft: Wii U Edition4,014313,703Wii UMicrosoft Japan
New20.Kawaii Pet to Kurasou! Wan-Nyan & Mini-Mini Animal3,631New3DSNihon Colombia

Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

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