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This Week In Sales: Persona Dances With Dark Souls And Detroit: Become Human


Period: The week of May 21 – May 27 (2018)

Top-seller: Dark Souls: Remastered – 71,739 (PlayStation 4)

Nintendo Switch sales: 36,590 (Last week – 33,125)

Nintendo 2DS sales: 384 (413)

New Nintendo 2DS LL sales: 3,524 (3,489)

New Nintendo 3DS LL sales: 2,686 (2,353)

PlayStation 4 sales: 12,595 (12,404)

PlayStation 4 Pro sales: 4,887 (4,536)

PlayStation Vita sales: 2,298 (2,219)

Xbox One sales: 89 (146)

Xbox One X sales: 74 (54)

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Last week, Japan had a busy one with the release of Dark Souls: Remastered, Detroit: Become Human, Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night, Persona 5: Dancing Star Night, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2, and more. Japanese sales tracker Media Create released the latest video game software and hardware sales data from the week of May 21 through May 27, 2018.


Starting at #1 this week is Dark Souls: Remastered with 71,739 units sold on PlayStation 4. It might not be the 210,141 units that Dark Souls III debuted with, but nobody was expecting the remaster of the first Dark Souls to get anywhere near that amount. Overall it was good enough to be top of the week, almost doubling the next title at #2 with Detroit: Become Human which sold 39,548 units on PS4.


At #3 we have Persona Dancing All-Star Triple Pack with 27,240 units. The pack includes Persona 3 & 5 Dancing plus a digital copy of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. At #4 we have Persona Dancing Deluxe Twin Plus, the PS Vita version bundle with Persona 3 & 5 Dancing plus a bunch of DLCs, and it sold 21,569 units.


Since the two bundles are a separate SKU, we’ll look at how the individual titles performed. Persona 5: Dancing Star Night’s standalone versions charted at #10 with 7,876 units sold on PS4 and at #14 with 4,554 units sold on PS Vita for a total of 12,430 units between the two. Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night charted at #16 with 3,305 units sold just for the PS Vita version in the top-20. The original Persona 4: Dancing All Night debuted with 94,036 units sold on PS Vita back in June 2015.


Other new titles include Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 for Nintendo Switch, which charted at #9 with 8,093 units sold on the Nintendo Switch. The last new entry in the top-20 is the Dark Souls Trilogy Box that comes with Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition. It charted at #19 with 3,155 units sold on PS4.


As far as hardware sales go, the PlayStation 4 sold 12,595 units plus an additional 4,887 units from the PS4 Pro to combine for 17,482 units sold in the week, which is more or less the same as the previous week. The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 36,590 units sold in the week. Going by Media Create’s numbers, the Nintendo Switch is currently at 4,265,128 units sold in Japan since its launch in March 3, 2017.


The top-20 chart of the week is as follows:

Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys Publisher
New 01. Dark Souls: Remastered 71,730 New PS4 From Software
New 02. Detroit: Become Human 39,548 New PS4 SIE
New 03. Persona Dancing All-Star Triple Pack 27,240 New PS4 Atlus
New 04. Persona Dancing Deluxe Twin Plus 21,570 New PSV Atlus
03. 05. Splatoon 2 13,473 2,336,522 Switch Nintendo
02. 06. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 13,278 143,037 Switch Nintendo
05. 07. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 9,221 1,551,492 Switch Nintendo
06. 08. Kirby: Star Allies 8,686 509,308 Switch Nintendo
New 09. Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 8,093 New Switch Capcom
New 10. Persona 5: Dancing Star Night 7,876 New PS4 Atlus
07. 11. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit 7,584 174,120 Switch Nintendo
04. 12. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2018 6,890 196,561 PS4 Konami
08. 13. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 6,099 997,967 Switch Nintendo
New 14. Persona 5: Dancing Star Night 4,554 New PSV Atlus
09. 15. Super Mario Odyssey 4,302 1,730,169 Switch Nintendo
New 16. Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night 3,305 New PSV Atlus
13. 17. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon 3,280 1,638,196 3DS Pokémon Company
11. 18. The Snack World: Trejarers Gold 3,173 85,677 3DS Level-5
New 19. Dark Souls Trilogy Box 3,155 New PS4 From Software
01. 20. The Caligula Effect: Overdose 3,008 23,408 PS4 FuRyu

Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

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