Thomas Was Alone Creator Shows Off The Enemies From His New Stealth Game

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Mike Bithell, creator of indie platformer Thomas Was Alone, has released a new trailer for his next game, Volume, which reveals the enemies you’ll be sneaking around across its levels.


Before now, all that had been shown was the Pawn and Turret enemy types. The first patrols with a gun and a front-facing cone of vision, and the second sits on a spot scanning with its own cone of vision.


The trailer above introduces the Knight, Rogue, Hound, and Archer. The Knight seems to act much like the Pawn except it has a nightstick rather than a gun. The Rogue seems to detect based on sound rather than vision due to the circle of awareness around it. The Hound will alert nearby guards to Locksley’s location if it sees him. And the Archer has a rifle and a very long cone of vision so it can take you out from long distances.


Volume is a stealth game in which you play Locksley, a kind of modern day / near future Robin Hood figure, who rises to notoriety by infiltrating facilities without being seen and seldom heard. He also does not kill. As you progress through the game, Locksley’s inventory increases with a range of items he can use to distract and avoid guards.


It features a voice acting from Charlie McDonnell (yes, the YouTuber charlieissocoollike) as Locksley, Danny Wallace as the AI companion Alan (and who provided the voiceover in Thomas Was Alone), and Andy Serkis as the antagonist Gisborne (the guy who played Gollum / Smeagel in The Lords of the Rings).


The game will ship on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Windows and Mac later this year. You can find out more about it on its website.

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