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Thomas Was Alone Creator’s Stealth Game Sneaks On To PS4, PS Vita, And PC On August 18th



Mike Bithell, the creator of indie platformer Thomas Was Alone, and his team have announced that stealth game Volume will be out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, as well as Windows and Mac on August 18th. It will also have PlayStation TV support.


A new trailer has been released alongside the announcement that you can watch above. It features popular YouTuber Charlie McDonnell (aka charlieissocoollike) as the character he voices in the game, Locksley. He’s essentially a modern day Robin Hood who infiltrates corporate buildings to steal from them.


You need to ensure that Locksley is never caught by the robotic patrol units in each stage by using stealth to stay out of sight and, just as importantly, to be never be heard. As you progress you unlock new items for Locksley’s inventory that can be used to this end.


Volume also features actor and comedian Danny Wallace as the AI companion Alan, and Gollum / Smeagel actor in The Lord of the Rings films Andy Serkis as the antagonist Gisborne. You can find out more about Volume on its website.

Chris Priestman