Godzilla Mobile Games Announced and Scheduled to Release in 2021

Godzilla Mobile Games

TOHO Games announced that three Godzilla mobile games are scheduled to release worldwide in 2021. Run Godzilla, Godzilla Destruction, and Godzilla Battle Line are the upcoming titles. Additionally, Run Godzilla is immediately available to audiences outside of Japan. A release date for Japanese audiences is scheduled for sometime in June 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Pre-registration is currently open for Godzilla Destruction and Godzilla Battle Line. TOHO Games released a trailer for all three Godzilla mobile games, which showcased a few seconds of gameplay from each of the three titles. Godzilla Destruction will allow players to destroy cities with ease as they take the role of the “King of Monsters.” Godzilla Battle Line will pit players against one another in strategic action using their own teams. You can watch the reveal trailer for all three games below.

Run Godzilla takes a different turn from the other two destruction based mobile games. In this mobile game you can raise Godzilla for a more casual experience that features systems like monster races. Additionally, it shows a village coming together to raise the monster as a group.

A new Godzilla: Singular Point trailer recently revealed Jet Jaguar. This new animated series will release in Japan in April, with a global release slated for sometime in 2021.

Godzilla Battle Line and Godzilla Destruction will release for Android and iOS devices sometime in 2021. Run Godzilla is immediately available to audiences outside of Japan.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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