Three Kingdoms-Based Fighting Game, Attack Heroes, Is Getting An English Version


Chinese studio Ejoy will making an English version of its PC fighting game Attack Heroes for when it arrives on Steam. The game is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.


Attack Heroes is based on the Three Kingdoms and has you form a team of five warriors to fight across China. The game has light RPG elements as you’re able to upgrade your warriors as you progress across the world map. Each warrior has four different skills at once and a unique mega power move that can be used once the fury gauge is full.


As you’ll see in the game’s trailer above, there’s a big focus on spectacle, with some moves causing huge explosions while others see dragons and other creatures summoned into the arena. It’s also possible to combine characters to chain combos seamlessly.


The creators of Attack Heroes say that it has an “intense and fluid combo system which is easy to use but requires accurate timing and strategic thinking to master.” If you’re wondering about the user interface, it looks like it does due to the game originally being designed for smartphones, and is currently being reconfigured for PC.


According to one of project leads at Ejoy, Attack Heroes started out as a small game by two students working at the company, but he convinced the studio heads to fund them to take it further. This also involved persuading them to bring it to PC and not to release it as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. It should arrive on Steam as a premium title with no freemium or smartphone design in sight.

Chris Priestman