Three Years Later, Updates Are Still Fixing Banzai Pecan’s Combat Issues

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Despite being released back in 2012 on Desura, Banzai Pecan: The Last Hope for the Young is still getting regular tweaks and fixes that address its combat issues.


This has ramped up recently as Serious Impact Works, the developer, has been getting a lot of feedback after releasing the game on Steam on January 26th 2015.


The main complaint thrown at Banzai Pecan is that the enemies are overpowered, too hard, or just plain impossible to beat. It doesn’t help, apparently, that the game involves a lot of button mashing, meaning that people get tired of it quickly.



And so Serious Impact is releasing updates that it hopes will make the game more favourable to those finding it too much of a slog. The update on March 10th, for example, slowed down enemy animation frames, lowered the health of Jenny Jackrabbits and Hunny Bunnies, makde the Clash and Counterattack window bigger, and changed enemy placements around.


Added to this, Serious Impact released a note: “We’re still messing around with the game throughout the week, making it a better experience and addressing most of the combat issues. Thank you for your patience.”

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