Threezero Announces Ultraman Suit Tiga Power Type Figure

Ultraman Suit Tiga Power Type

Figure maker Threezero announced a new variant figure based on the Ultraman Suit concept is in development. Called FigZero Ultraman Suit Tiga Power Type, it’s based on the Ultraman Suit Tiga, which appears

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Ultraman Suit Another Universe. [Thanks, Dengeki Hobby!]

Ultraman Suit Tiga Power Type is a variant of Ultraman Suit Tiga, which stars in Ultraman Suit Another Universe. A “photo novel” series published in Hobby Japan mangazine, Ultraman Suit Another Universe is a spin-off of the 2011 Ultraman manga. Another Universe features new and alternative designs for various Ultraman Suit characters, including one based on the classic Ultraman Tiga series. Like its namesake, Ultraman Suit Tiga can change “types”, altering its shape, color, and equipment to suit various threats.

Power Type maximizes the physical power output of the Tiga suit. It sports adopts a red and silver color scheme, and wears heavy gauntlets on its arms for additional striking power.

Ultraman suit Another Universe is based on the 2011 Ultraman manga, which imagines a new generation of “Ultramen” made up of individuals who don suits of powered armor to fight aliens. The manga was adapted into an animated series in 2019 that streamed on Netflix.

The new Threezero FigZero Ultraman Suit Tiga Power Type is in development. Threezero also sells a FigZero version of the standard Ultraman Suit Tiga. The 2019 Ultraman animated series will air its third and final season on Netflix.

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