Throw A Daruma Doll At Mechs In This Doujin Shmup



Tokyo-based doujin duo Tengu Boys has released a trailer for its “hyper wild vertical shooter“ Daruma Soul, which it says is heading to touch screen devices.


You play as ninja and his strange Daruma doll partner called Daruma that he throws around as a weapon as they head towards Onsen Cave. They were prompted to head that after Mochiyama-kun sent a text message that said, “I found what you’ve been looking for.”


On they way to the cave, the pair get attached by Team Tengu, armed with mechs and giant monsters, and must fight their way through them all.


You control them with a finger for movements, and using flicking movements to spin, roll, and  throw Daruma around.


You can keep up with the development of Daruma Soul on its website.

Chris Priestman