Throw Junk At Your Pals To Knock Them Out In 4-Player Fighter Rumpus



Several weird, wacky characters will fight by throwing junk at each other in Rumpus, a fast-paced four player fighting game.




Players want to knock each other’s characters off the map in Rumpus, and do so by picking up the odd items that are strewn throughout the map. Players can charge their throw to make it go faster, but the person about to get hit can create a shockwave to reflect that object right back at its thrower.




Two to four people can play the game in local multiplayer, choosing from one of the game’s seven characters. Each character also has their own taunts, which can be done with a button press.




A demo for Rumpus is available now on The game has already passed through Steam Greenlight, but has no release date at this time.

Alistair Wong
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