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A Few Tidbits On Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Story And Setting


Nintendo have shared a few more tidbits about Xenoblade Chronicles X, the upcoming open-world RPG for Wii U by Monolith Soft. Over Twitter, Nintendo of America shared:


At the beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles X, two alien factions are at war above Earth. Unfortunately, their war is destroying Earth. The human race then evacuates the Earth in two arc ships.


Your game starts as you wake from stasis and create your character.


Nintendo held a lengthy live-stream where they played through a small portion of the beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles X earlier this afternoon at E3. The area that was explored in the demo was a vast one surrounding a city called Neo Los Angeles. A number of locations around this area featured the American flag painted on.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature a class system. “Drifter” is the class you’ll start out with, and you’ll be able to change classes, giving you access to different abilities. The stream also revealed that, like Xenoblade, the game will feature a day-and-night cycle, as well as real-time weather changes.


Enemy behaviours will change from day to night. For example, predators will come out to hunt at night, while you might see certain other creatures sleeping at night.

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