Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Release Window Unveiled

Tiger and Bunny 2

The Netflix Japan 2021 livestream event opened with a barrage of new and upcoming anime announcements. One included more details on season 2 of Tiger and Bunny, a 2011 superhero-focused anime from Sunrise. Sunrise also animates much of Mobile Suit Gundam and other popular franchises. Formally titled Tiger and Bunny 2, the series was also detailed via the Netflix Japan Anime Twitter account. The tweet confirmed an April 2022 release window for the show. It also came with key art depicting protagonists Kotetsu and Barnaby against the backdrop of Stern Bild, their home city.

Produced in part to commemorate the series’ tenth anniversary, Tiger and Bunny 2 will focus once again on the lives and adventures of working superheroes. In the city of Stern Bild, people who develop superpowers are known as “NEXT”, and often take up work as heroes for hire. The best of the NEXT compete for ratings and sponsorships on a reality show called “Hero TV.” Kotetsu Kaburagi is a single father and the hero known as “Wild Tiger.” Kotetsu is paired up with Barnaby Brooks Jr, a rising star in the hero world who happens to have the exact same powers as Kotetsu. 

Tiger and Bunny was also notable because its character designs incorporated real-life brands placing their logos directly onto the costumes of the heroes. Wild Tiger was sponsored by Softbank, while Barnaby fought with Bandai’s logo on his chest. Though present during the original broadcast and streaming runs of the show, the logos were removed for subsequent streaming and home video releases.

Tiger and Bunny season 2 will take place after the events of the feature film Tiger and Bunny The Movie – The Rising -. Based on the character art shown off with the announcement, real-life brands may be absent from the second season.

The current returning cast list is as follows:

  • Kotetsu Kaburagi – Hiroaki Hirata (Lindow Amamiya in God Eater, Rackham in Granblue Fantasy)
  • Masakazu Morita – Barnaby Brooks, Jr.  (Ichigo in Bleach, Thoma in Genshin Impact)
  • Minako Kotobuki – Blue Rose (Serah in Final Fantasy XIII, Tsumugi in K-ON!)
  • Mariya Ise – Dragon Kid (Killua in Hunter x Hunter, Guila in The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Taiten Kusunoki – Rock Bison (Rude in Final Fantasy VII, Vulcan in Promare)
  • Kenjiro Tsuda – Fire Emblem (Dainsleif in Genshin Impact, Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Go Inoue – Sky High (Spain in Hetalia Axis Powers, Satoshi in Kuroko’s Basketball)
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto – Origami Cyclone (Liebe in Black Clover, Yuu in Haikyuu!!)

Tiger & Bunny 2 will air globally on Netflix in April 2022. The first season is available on Hulu and Funimation, and will come to Netflix as well.

Josh Tolentino
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