Time Travel To Save Your Family In This Murder Mystery Visual Novel


Cyanide Tea’s sci-fi murder mystery visual novel Break Chance Memento comes out for PC on December 16th. It’s also up on Greenlight in order to bring it to Steam one day.


It follows Shuuki as he travels through time to save innocent lives, stop a serial killer, and get involved in a potential gay romance, all in order to save his family.


The story goes that Shuuki’s and his family’s world was torn apart when his twin sister was murdered four years ago, when she was only 12 years old. In the present, Shuuki then discovers the gored body of his brother Masaharu.


After this, the mysterious Kyousuke appears before Shuuki and tells him he can use mementos found around the city of Nagasaki to travel through time and save lives that have been lost.

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Break Chance Memento is about six hours long with over 70 choices, eight different endings, and four pursuable characters. You can download a demo on and find out more on its website.

Chris Priestman