Tin & Kuna Comes to All Platforms in Fall 2020

Tin & Kuna

The first New Game+ Expo brings with it news of one of Aksys’ latest, Tin & Kuna. The 3D platformer is due for a Fall 2020 release on “all platforms” (meaning the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch).

Players will spin and smash through the world of Tin & Kuna, controlling cutesy characters as they fight the powers of Chaos.

Check out the teaser trailer Aksys released in April:

Kuna is a purple creature of sorts, that looks a bit like a hybrid of bear and turtle. They’re able to roll into a ball-like shape to get around, over, and through obstacles and enemies. Collecting power crystals will unlock new abilities, like the ability to catch on fire and attach to magnetic objects. The game also promises additional story paths, as taking Kuna to the “Prime Orb” will unlock a new adventure with a new playable character: Tin.

The gameplay trailer revealed at New Game+ Expo also reveals more of the pinball-like aspects of Tin & Kuna‘s gameplay, as Kuna drags along a large object and scales a vertical wall via platforms:

Tin & Kuna is due out in Fall 2020, with a suggested pricing of $29.99 on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch.

Josh Tolentino
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