To All Mankind Is Basically A Slice Of Life And A Side Of Yuri Love In Post-Apocalyptic Akihabara

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Nippon Ichi Software is releasing a different kind of survival game called To All Mankind that is being developed by Acquire. Last week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shared more details on surviving the dilapidated Akiba.



To All Mankind is described as a “laidback survival game where cute girls spend time in Akiba.”


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The girls wake up in a hotel with  no sight of any humans, so that means various items needed for survival are at their disposal.


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The hotel has plenty of tools and food to eat, so it makes for the perfect base for survival. However, skills such as starting fire and such are learned through “how to” books that you can get at the Doujin Shop in Akiba. By visiting the Doujin Shops  you can learn more and find out all kinds of new information.


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While you will have all kinds of tools to start with, not everything will be available and that means needing to jury-rig your own tools such as using a wire and hook to make a fishing rod, and so on. You’ll also need to farm for your own fresh produce, which you’ll do by growing crops in Akihabara.



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You’ll find all kinds of foods while exploring and you can put things together to create meals from recipes. There are also some foods such as Cup Noodles that you can eat when low on other food. However, keep in mind that some of the food you find out there in Akiba are poisonous, so you’ll need to be careful.



When you think survival, you might think about finding nuts and berries to eat, but these girls are going through some major first-world survival in Akiba. Here we see the girls in a pickle because they’re craving sushi but can’t get it from a shop.


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After doing all that exploring, the girls will need to rest plenty. Time and energy management is also important for a happy survival life.



There are everyday events where you’ll get to see some cute or intimate moments between the main girls. The above image shows Erina who forgot her video games, but Kyoka hugs her from behind to help her forget about that and spend time with her instead.



Kyoka and Kazumi are shown working together to catch fish. While they only managed to catch small fish, it’ll surely make the others happy.



Here we see Kazumi expressing her appreciation towards Izana for being so kind and caring. Izana was a little surprised from the sudden hug, but she appears to be blushing.



Lastly, we have a scene where Yuyuko was taking a shower but Erina suddenly barged in to join her, but she was caught by surprise and at a loss for words.


To All Mankind releases in Japan on May 30, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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