Toaplan’s Flying Shark, Twin Cobra, Truxton II, and Out Zone Coming to Modern Platforms

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Last year, developer M2 announced that they had acquired the licensing to release almost all of defunct game developer Toaplan’s IPs, and would be bringing as many of them as possible onto modern platforms, and yesterday they announced the first four games to get the rerelease treatment on livestream. The first four titles are Flying Shark (also known as Hishouzame and Sky Shark), Twin Cobra (Kyuukyoku Tiger), Truxton II (Tatsujin Ou), and Out Zone.

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Check out in-development gameplay of the four game rereleases below:

Here are details on the four games below from M2:

Twin Cobra: A true evolution to Tiger-Heli, and the game that put Toaplan on the map as a vertical scrolling shoot ’em up developer with its great game balance.

Truxton II“Well, we’ve got to make it easier…” (referring to Super Easy Mode)

Flying SharkAnother classic that helped set up the shot + ground bomb combination. The first Toaplan game to utilize the feature where the screen would scroll slowly left or right if you’re flying towards the side.

Out ZoneA “push-up” run and gun shmup where the players advance the screen by moving the character upward. Features lots of hidden elements, including cameos of characters from other Toaplan games.

M2 ended the segment by saying that these are just four of the Toaplan games that are being worked on currently, and platforms and release dates will be announced later on.

Twin Cobra, Flying Shark, Truxton II, and Out Zone are in development.

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