Tobu Tobu Girl Is A Game Boy Game Of Non-Stop Hopping



Game Boy game Tobu Tobu Girl aims to test players’ abilities to bounce off of enemy heads, having them constantly bounding upward on birds, bats, and other foes as they try to catch their cat before it floats away.


The player’s cat is floating into the atmosphere in Tobu Tobu Girl, and so players have to bounce up after it. To do so, players can hop up, gaining height with each enemy the step on, and they can dash up to three times before they need to land on an enemy to restore their dashes. If players are still stuck, they can flap their arms to gain a little more height, but they only have so much energy to try this as well. By balancing these mechanics, players should be able to catch their lost pet.

Tobu Tobu Girl does not simply use a Game Boy aesthetic, but is a full Game Boy ROM, requiring players have an appropriate emulator in order to run it. It is also possible to get an actual Game Boy cartridge of the game, should the player wish to play it on the venerable handheld.


Tobu Tobu Girl is available for free on A physical version of the game is currently sold out, but players can sign up to buy a copy of the official Game Boy cart when it becomes available again through the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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