Toho Warns Suzume Movie Will Have Depictions of Earthquakes

Suzume Movie Complete Earthquake

Toho has announced that production for the movie Suzume is complete, less than a month before the film’s opening day. Furthermore, Toho warned fans that there will be depictions of earthquakes and earthquake warning alarms within the movie. Suzume will begin showing in Japan on November 11, 2022. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

In a recent tweet, director Makoto Shinkai updated fans on the status of the movie. With a photo showing the movie displayed in the background, Shinkai announced that the team had wrapped up the production of the movie. Shinkai then when on to thank fans for supporting the movie, as well as those who worked hard on the movie directly. The image shows

Later, the official Suzume Twitter account also issued a message to fans. The account noted once again that production had finished, and revealed that some scenes would contain depictions of earthquakes and earthquake warning alarms. While the earthquake alarms would differ from those used in real life, Toho warned fans of the potentially sensitive content when viewing the film.

While depictions of earthquakes aren’t entirely rare within Japanese media, earthquakes have become sensitive subjects after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, as well as the subsequent 2016 Kumamoto and 2018 Hokkaido earthquakes. As such, it’s common for movies and anime to warn moviegoers and viewers about any earthquake or tsunami-related content beforehand.

The latest trailer for Suzume appeared earlier this month, though it did not show any depictions of earthquakes. Instead, it focuses on the main character Suzume and Souta, who become close after discovering a mysterious door.

Production for the Suzume movie is complete, and the film will debut in Japan on November 11, 2022. The film’s international release is expected sometime in 2023, with Crunchyroll and Wild Bunch handling distribution outside of Asia.

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