Tokimeki Memorial 30th Anniversary Live Emotional Concert
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Tokimeki Memorial 30th Anniversary Live Concert Will Be Held This May

Konami and Tokyo MX will hold a live concert to mark Tokimeki Memorial‘s 30th anniversary. Titled “Tokimeki Memorial 30th Anniversary Live Emotional,” the concert will run for two days on May 18-19, 2024.

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The organizers have also started selling tickets for the concert, with prices ranging from 8,000 yen (~$53) to 18,500 yen (~$123). The first two waves in late February 2024 and March 2024 will involve lotteries. The third and final wave, which has a first-come-first-served system, will run from April 5, 2024.

The original voice actresses for all thirteen heroines from the first Tokimeki Memorial entry will perform in the concert. Yuji Ueda, the voice actor behind the protagonist’s best friend Yoshio Saotome, will complete the roster.

The full cast list for the live concert will be as follows:

  • Mami Kingetsu (Shiori Fujisaki)
  • Akiko Sekine (Mio Kisaragi)
  • Tomoko Naka (Yuina Himoo)
  • Masayo Kawaguchi (Ayako Katagiri)
  • Sachiko Sugawara (Saki Nijino)
  • Ayako Kurosaki (Yukari Koshiki)
  • Ayako Sasaki (Nozomi Kiyokawa)
  • Rei Igarashi (Mira Kagami)
  • Youko Teppouzuka (Yuuko Asahina)
  • Mikiko Kurihara (Megumi Mikihara)
  • Kurin Yoshiki (Yumi Saotome)
  • Shiho Kikuchi (Miharu Tatebayashi)
  • Narumi Tsunoda (Rei Ijuin)
  • Yuji Ueda (Yoshio Saotome)

Konami first released the inaugural Tokimeki Memorial game for PC Engine on May 27, 1994. While its 1995 PlayStation release was the most well-known, Konami also released the high school dating simulation game for Super Famicom (SNES) in 1996, Sega Saturn in 1996, Windows 95 PC in 1997, and Game Boy in 1999. The company later ported the PlayStation build to the PSP in 2006 and the PS3 via Game Archives in 2009.

Konami has been spotted building up anticipation for the Tokimeki Memorial series’ 30th anniversary since 2023, when it opened a new official account on Twitter (now X). It is also working with Good Smile Company to produce Shiori Fujisaki’s Nendoroid.

The Tokimeki Memorial 30th Anniversary Live Emotional concert will take place at Tachikawa Stage Garden in Tokyo, Japan on May 18-19, 2024.

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