Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 4 Introduces Its Hot Homeroom Teacher


tokimeki memorial girls side 4 mikage The latest Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 4th Heart character has been revealed. Konami has revealed Mikage Kojiro on its official website. He will be players’ homeroom teacher and biology teacher in the new dating sim. He’s also known for being an avid gardener, complete with his own small vegetable garden, and getting along well with his students.


Kojiro will be voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino. Most recently, he voiced Ed in Street Fighter V, but he was also Remi Puguna in Promare, Avan Hardins in Valkyria Chronicles II and Takumi Nishijou in Chaos;Head. He’s no stranger to otome games, as he voiced Heisuke Toudou in all of the Hakuoki games and media, Heishi Otomaru in Norn9’ (You could date him in Nanami route), Kiyoharu Sendo in Vitamin X, Masaya Amagitera in Hime Hibi: Princess Days, Takafumi Inukai in the Starry Sky series, and Walter in Angelique: Maren no Rokukishi.

Each Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side game has had the homeroom teacher as a bachelor option. In the first game, it was Reiichi Himuro. Takafumi Wakaouji was the romance option in the second game. In the third game, if you worked hard and eventually became the Rose Queen, you could get an ending with Chikara Osako.


Kojiro is the seventh Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 4th Heart bachelor to be revealed. Initially, Iku, Minoru, Nozomu, Ryouta, and Yanosuke were revealed. Then, we learned another relative of Reiichi, Inori Himuro, was the sixth love interest.


Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 4th Heart will be released in 2020, but Konami has not noted which platforms it will appear on.

Jenni Lada
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