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Tokyo Clanpool Details Its Turn-Based Battle System With A Strategic Twist



Compile Heart’s upcoming PS Vita dungeon RPG features a prime minister and her cabinet members who’ll help take on invaders from a dark world tower. Here’s what makes its turn-based battles different. Here’s the latest on the game’s official website.


Tokyo Clanpool’s battle system is turn-based, but what makes it unique is its “Ether Point (EP)” feature.



EP is consumed when using skills, but as long as you have EP, you can use as many skills you’d like in one turn. A certain amount of EP increases at the start of every turn, so you’ll come across moments where you have to decide if it’d be better finishing off the enemy using all your EP or charging it up more to launch powerful skills on the next turn.


So for example, if you have 100 EP you can go with two different skills that cost 50 EP, or maybe three skills that costs 30 EP, 30 EP, and 25 EP so that you have 15 EP left for the next turn. You can also use a powerful skill that consumes 80 EP and start the next turn with 20 EP, and so on.



If you choose not to use any EP one turn, you can use a major skill that costs 200 EP on the next turn, such as something that deals major damage to a boss or used to big heals needed after taking heavy hits.



At the start of a turn, when two or more characters attack one after the other, a “Chibi Character Combo” activates. This feature is a combo bonus that adds a significant boost in damage.



Using the “Synchronized Holy Exposure” feature, you can synchronize with a Gadgeteer that you’ve installed to use special abilities that unleash hidden powers.



By synchronizing and going “Holy Exposure Mode,” not only does it power up the Gadgeteer’s skill, but it also increases all stats for each heroine. The heroines all have their own synchronization success rates with each Gadgeteer, and this rate can be further increased by using skills of the same attribute or hitting enemy weaknesses.



Synchronizing is still possible with low rates, but failing it disables the Gadgeteer. Not only does make the Gadgeteer unable to use skills, but their stat bonuses also disappear. The best part about the Synchronized Holy Exposure is that it can be done on several Gadgeteers at the same time, and the more there are in the mix, the more powerful the heroines become. However, keep in mind that the more Gadgeteers being used for the synchronization, the lower the success rates become.


Tokyo Clanpool releases in Japan on October 5, 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

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