Tokyo Clanpool Trailer Shows Off Its Classes With Special “Digiskin” Outfits

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Compile Heart shared the latest on Tokyo Clanpool with a look at a new gameplay trailer showing special “Digiskin” outfits that act as job classes for the dungeon crawler.


The trailer shows us some Digiskin henshin and we get a look at some examples. Here’s what’s shown:


  • Brave Skin: Has skills for critical hits, skills for heals, and more. They can also tell you the location of treasure chests.


  • Magical Skin: Not only does it greatly increase the user’s magic attack but it also adds attack skills of various attributes.


  • Angel Skin: Comes with every healing skill, the ability to revive allies, and a special skill that automatically revives after death.


  • Power Skin: It doesn’t have any special attack skills but it vastly increases physical attack.


  • Hacker Skin: Debuffs enemies with skills that sleeps, slows, and more. They’re also able to provide swift support with higher speed stats.


  • Paladin Skin: Has the ability to fight enemies with attack skills and also provide support for allies with heals and protection. It doesn’t have any special stat increases, but it is overall well-balanced.


  • Guardian Skin: With high HP and defense, it comes with support skills that increase ally stats. Mostly protects allies with protection as a tank.


  • Dark Knight Skin: Not only does it have powerful attack skills, but it has special skills that can one-shot enemies, allow an ally to have two actions, and more.


Tokyo Clanpool releases in Japan on October 5, 2017 for PlayStation Vita. Check our previous report to check out the game’s expected touch features from Compile Heart.

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